i am loving this band so much!
it took 3 takes which is a rare event.
firstly the sound cut out, then a super loud busker was playing right under the balcony and then i think i made a mistake but in the end it was a beautiful performance and interview.

Skipping Girl Vinegar on Balcony TV Melbourne

Skipping Girl Vinegar on Balcony TV Melbourne

last night filming balcony tv was a beautiful chaos!

the camera girl was sick, my voice was going, the other present was running late,one band cancelled, the sound failed in one take, an overly loud busker, camera battery died but it was so much fun and the talent was incredible!
i was lucky enough to interview SKIPPING GIRL VINEGAR who are so gentle and lovely and gave me their album which is just incredible. the artwork, the stories the effort is just beautiful.
OH MERCY are one of my favourite Australian acts and their first album is one of my favourite records ever and although the singer is naturally socially awkward it was fun and their performance was perfect!
Lastly was HARRY JAMES ANGUS of The Cat Empire and Jackson Jackson.
He is about to release a solo album and whoa it’s such a fascinating collection of short stories told so beautifully.
from the first line i was addicted and was attentive until the last line.
so much amazing talent is exposed to me by this show!

yesterday was pretty much a perfect day.

i wore my new leopard coat pretty much all day and am in love with it!

work was busy, a bit hectic but good.

i then rushed off to an interview to do presenting for internet adds and corporate DVDs, kind of boring but it’s work. got it! yay!

then i did a quick email interview for my best friends blog.

then i met Jack Crane in the city and we sat in fed square and we watched Skipping Girl Vinegar for FREE (yes Melbourne that’s why i love you)!

then we headed to one of my fav places 1000 pound for SYN 10th Birthday Trivia, we walked through almost every mall in the city to get there, then we stopped at Myers to style our hair hehe.

it was lovely to see alll of the SYNers (you know who you are).
it is such a creative, positive and beautiful bunch of people!

we all had much fun with the free photos, will post soon!

our team ‘Team Babes’ came in at equal 12/15 but we definately killed it in the second round!