so a dude bails on you and what do you do?
-listen to Culture Club
-burn candles
-drink tea
-eat chocolate
-upload a bunch of
-work on your website
-finalise a playlist for a wedding
-edit and finalise one of the coolest interviews of your life

i’m too excited to sleep

all of these ideas!!!

changed my avatar… it’s about time i get up to date.

This week involves:

-2 international interviews
-2 party jobs
- 2 photo shoots

And this is the quieter of my weeks coming up!!

when you listen to an old favourite from 11 years ago and have a slap your face moment of shit i’ve not only interviewed this musician, but celebrated the new year with and spent some amazing moments. 

this morning I did an interview with legendary rocker John Garcia.
It was my first interview with John, I had previously had one scheduled but it fell through.
admittedly i’ve been aware of John and his importance to rock music for sometime, but only really given him the attention.
i hadn’t done a phone interview for months now and i’ve been trying to fit them back into my busy schedule.
For me phone interviews are more important than in person, you have the distance, sometimes a delay, accents.. so many barriers you need to overcome to get that personal connection with the talent and it doesn’t always happen, but it’s so rewarded to me when it does.
John is a chatty person by nature, but I could have talked to him and he to me for hours it seemed. He was so open about his emotions, history and personal life and seeming it was his last interview after a day of press it was lovely to have such enthusiasm from him.

"the best thing about radio as you can be cosy in bed, with your hair and mess and a dripping nose and no one knows."
look at me taking care of business

look at me taking care of business

so this past month i have put myself out there, taken risks, chances, new opportunities and i feel today, as i sit here too exhausted to even move off the couch that they are paying off.

having diversity, interesting people and a gratifying work life is all i need.


#peachy #comingsoon #finally #personal #business #fruits

#peachy #comingsoon #finally #personal #business #fruits

Exciting times ahead!
So many ideas bubbling under the surface.
So many things on my ‘to-do’ list.
Visiting fabulous Melbourne next week!

in the past month my life has gone from perfect to confused.
saying that the perfect life was so easy and relaxed and unrealistic, i should have seen it to be the calm before this storm.
i have made some changes and here’s hoping it’s for the best.
it’s so scary, yet exciting being in the unknown.


an early start to pre-record some radio :)


Jesse <3
Bright nails, emails and hot tea in glass… My winter #nails #makeup #email #mac #tea #teacup #cute #personal #winter #work

Bright nails, emails and hot tea in glass… My winter #nails #makeup #email #mac #tea #teacup #cute #personal #winter #work