so Monday i missed filming Balcony TV as I was super sick with this darn flu!
I hate canceling on presenting gigs, especially on the day of but Al the producer took over and he seemed pretty happy with himself.
Tonight I have 3 interviews!
Blanck Mass for New and Approved and then on The Hoist we have Scientists Of Modern Music and Pets with Pets!!!
Excited x 1000000

the hoist on thursday

was an interesting one.
I was in the studio early doing a cross promo on the program before ours NEW & APPROVED and then the warning light starts flashing we kinda worried and then the red one was flashing and the sirens were going and we knew we should leave

so the first 30 minutes of the show we missed as we were standing outside trying to figure out what was going on…. apparently  a toilet flooded…. EMERGENCY

we interviewed Adam from Megastick Fanfare yes weird name!
at first he was hard to warm too but i’d say it also was the fact he couldn’t hear us well, but after a few questions it was a fun and chatty. it was a shorter interview than scheduled due to the show being cut in half, such a bummer we had such a cool play list too!

my interview with Shane from Silverstein for New and Approved on SYN

it’s offical

i’m exhausted.


work, silverstein interview for new & approved, watch bands, dj silverstein after party.


interview: feeder, the bronx, coheed and cambria and bullet for my valentine at SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL

then i party

weekend is for relaxing! 

this week i…..

  • SYN awards, nominated for PRESENTER OF THE YEAR with Jack Crane, as much as Jack is fantastic I don’t think we will win, LEON who also is nominated will.
    He is an all over talent, hosting THE WRAP is much more involved and hands on and a bigger job and he’s hilarious!
  • interview SILVERSTEIN for New & Approved
  • catch up with friends, see bring me the horizon, this town needs guns and amity 
  • DJ the SILVERSTEIN after party
  • interviews all day at SOUNDWAVE! so exciting!!!
  • party after
  • laser tag
  • get my kitty
  • RELAX 

    my life is right where i want it to be  
today i interviewed Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio… man he was boring..

today i interviewed Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio… man he was boring..

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