Dear Good Charlotte,
You’ve had your time.
You once were good but please please stop making such rubbish music and worse don’t attempt to cover not only one of the best Bands Weezer but they’re best work the blue album.
I admit I was and still am a fan of your first 3 albums, you have talent but don’t break my heart and do this I’m sure JD will understand.
Yours truly,

(via lipstickprophets)

30 day letter writing challenge- a stranger

how do i write a letter to a stranger?

what do you say in a letter you don’t know who it’s to?

do people on tumblr count as strangers?

we’ve never met so i’d consider someone on here a stranger.

do i write a letter and leave it somewhere for a stranger to read?

30 day letter writing challenge- your dreams

so seeming I can’t write a letter to my dreams here they are:

-to be a music/ entertainment presenter on a big channel

-to be financially care free

-to travel

-to roadtrip around the USA and see all of my friends

-to write a book

-to be able to repay my parents for their love and support

-to get my godson an ipod for his 5th birthday