god this is beautiful

this one time Frannie, Miss Shell Ma Belle and I were extras in the Susy Blue film clip!


Liam Finn - Jump Your Bones

(2011: “Fomo”)

check out this cute new clip from Private Life

me being a circus performer in Suzy Blue’s film clip filmed at The Toff In Town in Melbourne.Film clip out soon! 

me being a circus performer in Suzy Blue’s film clip filmed at The Toff In Town in Melbourne.
Film clip out soon! 

Shell, Frannie and I today filming Suzy Blues film clip.

Shell, Frannie and I today filming Suzy Blues film clip.


Rest in Peace Alexisonfire </3

a friend messaged me when I was out, I think if I wasn’t in public when I got the news I would have cried.
This band got me into hardcore.
This band bring so many amazing memories with friends, sing-a-longs, going to their shows, partying.
I have fond personal memories of these guys. 
I love City And Colour and after seeing it’s success feared the day it would take priority in Dallas’ life, although 10 years is a massive achievement for a band!
We are left with 4 amazing albums, 1 EP, 1 vinyl and so many amazing memories of their live performance.
rumour has it Wade is joining Gallows, which wouldn’t surprise me but I don’t feel it would work.

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And just when I think I have a free weekend I have:
-photoshoot Saturday
-1950s cocktail party Saturday night
-film clip Sunday
-hopefully get a wardrobe Sunday evening!

i think i forgot to share this but this is the official film clip for Melbourne Gaelic punk band The Ramshackle Army.
After a whole day of filming and a few ciders all that made the clip is the back of me in the beginning.
How great is my leopard bandana though?


Oh dear

 still one of my favourite film clips EVER!

listening to the bronx, extra strong coffee and strepsils.

<iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”640” height=”390” src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/54tnB9KE9GU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

ANGELA’S DISH film clip for the new single CRASH

i have been a fan of this band for so long and this video and song are a perfect introduction to this hard working Australian band!
they have come so close to breaking it, they have toured countless time, they have beautiful songs and a message to send.

this is amazing!
in all honesty i had no idea of this project until we had the BRIGHT KNIGHTS in the studio for an interview on SYN fms THE HOIST

i was in the middle of a crazy time at work and had no time to research the band, just print off their press release and read in the car ride to the radio studios.

Thank goodness my co-host Denis is super prepared and always has an interview prepared and i was so interested in this idea and when the band came in the studio they were all so warm and lovely it was so easy to talk to them about the film clip, their music and influences.

still one of my favourite shows to date!

i recommend y’all to follow them to see the progression of this great clip!

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i woke up early and Skye and I were extra’s in Melbourne band The Ramshackle Armys filmclip, all we had to do was sit in a pub and drink cider… pretty easy way to start the day!
then i bought a tacky and cheesy “scene” shirt… it has an indian, wolf, tiger and moon on it…. amazing!
then we headed to St Kilda and i saw one of my all time favourite Australian bands play a super fun and amazing set at St Kilda fest! It’s so exciting to see them sound and even look the same after all this time!
then i hopped a tram and headed to Good Vibrations festival a festival you wouldn’t normally find me at but my good friend Bree is working on the tour!
i got there just in time for KELIS who was incredible! i think the best of the day!
then we saw DAMIEN MARLEY with NAS (awkward for KELIS???) who was average, then we saw FAITHLESS who had an epic light show and then i headed to PHOENIX, my only reason for going and they were good but not great, kinda boring so i went and watched LUDACRIS and shaked my booty!
was a full on sunday but i don’t have it any other way

on Tuesday for The Hoist Denis and I interviewed BRIGHT KNIGHTS a local Melbourne band made up of various family members and friends.
in all honesty with the crazy week that was Big Day Out sideshows and Blood, Sweat and Beers I didn’t have time to research them at all, I printed off their press release and bio just as i was leaving work to head to the SYN studios.
Luckily my cohost Denis, who is on uni holidays and had more then enough spare time did some amazing research for us both!
on the way over i realised this band are working on an amazing idea for their film clip for their coming single THIS LOVE
they are having their fans colour in a frame each, how ever they like and it will be part of their film clip!
i absolutely LOVE this idea!
we coloured our own frame while they were in studio!
how exciting to see some of your art in a film clip?
they do a feature on their favourite frame per week also, i think it’s also a great opportunity for all up coming artists to get their work seen!
not only is this an amazing idea they were all really great guys, super stoked on life and their music, lovely to chat to, great tastes in music and their music is beautiful!
i am hoping to see them live soon!
I think BRIGHT KNIGHTS are my new fav band! 


The Bamboos - On The Sly

 Denis and I are interview Kylie from The Bamboos tonight on The Hoist which is super exciting! they are such a talented band and this clip is excellent!

Melbourne tune in 90.7fm or online www.syn.org.au x