The incredible Hue Blanes on Balcony TV Melbourne

Little Bastard

Check out this great performance and intimate chat with Australian rock legend Steve Balbi, formerly of Noiseworks on BalconyTV Sydney.
Shirt by Mermaid Killer, necklace by Rubi Rocket. 

check out the single ‘If You Want More’ by NSW band Woodford on Balcony TV Sydney and the interview after.
they brought a couch!!!
skirt & necklace thanks to 1616 flower crown thanks to Wild & Free Collections.  

here is the beautiful new song from Emma Beau on Balcony TV Sydney followed by a quick interview.
shirt thanks to Mermaid Killer, necklace thanks to Rubi Rocket 

my interview with the adorable Trent Williams

tomorrow I’m back in front of the camera, filming Balcony TV Sydney and I can’t wait… oh except I have the flu now… but so glad to be back.

check out my interview with JOEL HAVEA on Balcony TV Melbourne

the much anticipated interview with my teen idol ELLA HOOPER

TIM GUY on Balcony TV Melbourne

with ALUKA on Balcony TV Melbourne

with ALUKA on Balcony TV Melbourne

I’m often taken away by musicians.
It’s often I swoon over a beautiful looking man, especially one with long hair.

James Teague came on Balcony TV a few months ago now.
In all honesty I had no idea he was coming on the show, I didn’t prepare for the interview and when he arrived to the shoot I just thought he was a friend of the crew.
I chatted to him off air and he was so sweet and gentle, I found it quite easy to talk to him and the interview went well.
Earlier that day I went op-shopping and although it didn’t fit me, I bought a red, plastc heart ring which I gave to James as a gift. 
He gave me a copy of his album ‘Lavendar Prayer’, which is one of the most incredible albums I’ve heard.

Here is the interview, me smiling and swooning non stop. 


a name i’ve seen postered around Melbourne since I moved.
she is the face of DIY and her and Jeff are awesome people and musos.
It was a pleasure chatting to this incredible duo 

jordie lane

last night we shot Balcony TV at the beautiful Northcote Town Hall.
It’s been a while since we shot Balcony, about a month and I know it’s lame but I really miss it!
My first interview for the day with Jordie Lane, who is a musician I’ve known about for a long time, but never really got.
I know there is an appeal, he has a great fan base but I just couldn’t get into it.
Earlier this year I was invited to see his production Fallen Angel, where he plays legendary musician and Jordie’s own idol, Gram Parsons.
The performance was great and hearing his voice deliver these songs really opened my mind up to Jordie.
He performed his latest single, Fool For Love on the show last night was such a beautiful country-fused song and he was so fun and chatty to interview.
I guess I’ll see you at the next Jordie Lane show.